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Nancy's teaching style is very clear; she makes learning easy & fun!
Anna DeMeo


Nancy was very patient with me & made me feel very comfortable in the class.
Carol Nabitz


I have been putting off learning to dance because of fear. I wish I had done this earlier. I am having so much fun!!
Dan Fritz


Nancy emphasizes technique, form & grace... I feel like "a dancer" even though I only know a few steps.
John Belinger





Professional resume


B.A Sociology/Psychology
- M.Ed. Education

Past Professions
Sociology Professor
- Licensed Massage Therapist
- Certified Yoga Instructor

My experience in these past fields has given me an awareness of the body, anatomy & movement, as well as experience in the art of teaching & working with many types of people.

Dance training

Trained at:
Arthur Murray
Fred Astaire
Dancesport (NYC)
Wonderful World of Dance

Coached with:
Many top professionals including:
Rufus Dustin, Judi Hatton, Wilson Barrera,Michael Raisch, Bruno Collins, Bob Powers & Susie Thompson

Performer and competitor

Featured dancer & choreographer with The Tity Boom Swing Band, performing in concert venues throughout the southern United States; Cofounder of SW FL Swing Society 1997; Other performances in major city festivals,& concert series throughout Florida include: Sarasota Jazz Festival, Fiesta Tropical, Sunfest Jazz Festival, Hollywood, Miami, Naples, & Tequesta City Concert Series; Hardrock Cafe grand openings (Sunrise, Orlando, Miami);& fund raisers for American Red Cross, Harry Chapin Food Bank, & Peace River; TV credits include Fox-TV's "Swing's The Thing" & NBC's "Live At Noon

Competed & received awards in American Rhythm & Swing in numerous swing nightclubs & regional competitions some of which include Boogie On The Riverwalk, Sunshine State Dance Festival, Eastern Ballroom Dance Championships


Nancy Chapman

My personal background & feelings about dancing......Dancing has always been a part of my life. My earliest & fondest memory of dancing is standing on my father's feet (& of course, following perfectly). Even at that age, I thought dancing was the most wondrous,magical thing in all the world. And today I still feel the same way!!

I grew up with a large extended Italian family where everybody danced. Dancing & enjoying music was always "just there"..easy & effortless. Everyone simply enjoyed themselves & let the music tell them what to do. So it never occurred to me to "become" a dancer.

In elementary school we had square dancing classes & my partner had some warts on his hands. I used to dread feeling them, but the dancing was so much fun, that I just tried to ignore it. I guess you could say I loved it, warts & al, (very, very bad joke I know, but definitely apropos).

My brother was a great swing dancer & the girls would gather round when he was on the floor. He taught me my first real moves & threw me through the air. The feeling of flying was tremendous. I didn't realize until later these were my first aerials.

Despite these (& many other) dance experiences no light bulbs went on for me regarding dance until one day I walked into a dark dance studio in the middle of the day. I saw people in a different world, all learning to dance simply for the pure pleasure of it! It was at that moment that the I finally realized what I wanted to be 'when I grew up'. The only thing was, I was already grown-up. Fortunately, I didn't let that stop me . . . . That was 15 years ago.

Having always loved dancing, before I actually formally learned anything about it, I can really empathize with my students. I know how it is to really love to dance or want to learn, but not know the steps, technique, etc. I know how it feels to be intimidated by other "real dancers"; and most of all, I know what it feels like to put off doing something you've always wanted to do.

I speak from past experience when I say . . .If you have a desire to learn to dance, START NOW. It can not only make you feel wonderful, it can actually, change your life. I know it did mine. Once you start, you will wish, as I have, that you had started sooner.

Dancing transports us into the most wonderful place . . .a place where time stands still . . . a place where nothing else exists and all the rest of the world temporarily disappears. A place of emotions & beauty. And the most wonderful thing about it is that we can feel that way immediately, regardless of our abilities, because dancing is so much a natural part of our being.

So, if you have been putting off learning to dance, don't wait any longer. . . .See you on the dance floor!....Nancy

"Life may not be the party we hoped for, but while we're here, we might as well DANCE".